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When it comes to quality, nothing matches the Cariboo woollen cot blankets. We source the mid-micron wool in our blankets from some of the best farms in the South Island and it is one of the softest, lightest, yet most durable natural
fabrics on the market today. 

These blankets are completely free of itching or pilling characteristics. The ‘open structure’ spinning process produces an exceptionally soft and breathable yarn
which dries incredibly quickly because of its ability to rapidly absorb and release water. The Cariboo wool blankets dry four times faster than normal wool.

The process of making the yarn used in Cariboo wool blankets is one of the most energy efficient of any yarn spinning technology in the world, using up to four times
less energy than those of competing synthetic fabrics.

  • Completely free of allergens, dyes and chemicals

  • Knitted in a beautiful basket weave stitch

  • Approximately 120 x 110cm

Our Merino Bassinet Blanket is made using the finest superfine New Zealand Merino wool which doesn’t itch because of the long and silky fibre, perfect for
sensitive skin. Not only does Merino breath, keeping baby dry and comfortable, but it creates a micro climate around baby, creating a layer of warmth when they are cold and drawing moisture away when they are hot. The natural stretch of the fabric makes it a perfect blanket for bassinet, stroller or car seat.

  • Luxurious pure 100% New Zealand Superfine Merino wool

  • Un-dyed natural color

  • Bassinet size approximately 90 x 75cm


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